Converters and Power Supplies for the Communications, Automotive & Marine Industries


Harsh Environments

These products offer the same great electrical characteristics as our PowerVerter and DD Series, but are provided in ‘Ruggedised' casings for use in harsh environments. Using the well known Ingress  Protection System, the product range has been tested and subjected to demanding environmental conditions and awarded a rating of IP655.

All Ruggedised PowerVerters are enclosed in a durable aluminium extrusion. The low mass Surface Mount Technology components are also less prone to damage from vibration and shock, further increasing the reliability of the units.

Innovative Technology

Utilising the same GORE-TEX® technology that is used in extreme outdoor clothing, the Ruggedised range is able to breathe freely, without compromising the water tight and dust tight seal. This free-flow of air ensures that the pressure remains equal inside and outside the unit thus allowing it to operate within a large temperature range and at varying altitudes safely.

Fast Installation

All the products fit onto a ‘Click ‘n' Fit'  mounting clip which is fixed in three points allowing it to be mounted on uneven surfaces. It is easy to fit the clip into awkward places, then simply click the unit into position.


As well as being dust and water tight to IP65 the units are vibration resistant. They have an anti-vibration cable gland fitted into a hexagonal recess to prevent unwanted knocks from loosening it, so they can be fitted into rugged enviroments care-free.

Additional Features

The RU range has the same features as the standard PV & DD range, but in addtion, they also offer the following benefits:

· Dust, water and impact resistant to IP655.

· Breathable vent to prevent unwanted build up of pressure.

· Anti-vibration cable gland.

· Supplied with 1m of cable as standard.

Product Variants

Many PowerVerter-RU and DD-RU Series products can be configured with alternative output voltages etc, for specialist applications. Please call our sales team to discuss your requirements.


Part Number Cont/Int Power Nominal Voltage input, output Dimensions (mm) Weight (g)
PV3-RU 36W (3A) non-isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 86 x91 x 52 325
PV6s-RU 72W (6A) non-isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 108 x 91 x 52 370
PV12s-RU 144W (12A) non-isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 146 x 91 x 52 505
PV18s-RU 216W (18A) non-isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 186 x 91 x 52 820
PV24s-RU 288W (24A) non-isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 186 x 91 x 52 835
PV3i-RU 36W (3A) isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 108 x 91 x 52 390
PV6i-RU 72W (6A) isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 146 x 91 x 52 510
PV12i-RU 144W (12A) isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 186 x 91 x 52 690
PV18i-RU 216W (18A) isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 236 x 91 x 52 1035
PV24i-RU 288W (24A) isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 236 x 91 x 52 1050
DDi 12-12 036-RU 36W (3A) isolated 12Vdc , 12Vdc 108 x 91 x 52 390
DDi 24-24 072-RU 72W (6A) isolated 24Vdc , 12Vdc 146 x 91 x 52 540
DDi 12-12 108-RU 108W (9A) isolated 12Vdc , 12Vdc 236 x 91 x 52 1050
DDi 24-24 108-RU 108W (4.5A) isolated 24Vdc , 24Vdc 186 x 91 x 52 640
DDi 24-24 168-RU 168W (7A) isolated 24Vdc , 24Vdc 236 x 91 x 52 880
DD 12-24 072-RU 72W (3A) non-isolated 12Vdc , 24Vdc 108 x 91 x 52 400
DD 12-24 168-RU 168W (7A) non-isolated 12Vdc , 24Vdc 186 x 91 x 52 740
DD 12-24 240-RU 240W (10A) non-isolated 12Vdc , 24Vdc 236 x 91 x 52 920
DD 48-12 072-RU 72W (6A) non-isolated 48Vdc , 12Vdc 108 x 91 x 52 360
DD 48-12 108-RU 108W (9A) non-isolated 48Vdc , 12Vdc 146 x 91 x 52 460

 Other input and output voltage configurations are also available as special orders, please ask our sales team.


Input voltage range 12Vdc, 24Vdc or 48Vdc +/- 30%
Output voltage 13.6Vdc or 27.2Vdc+15% -20% at extreme temperature, load, input tolerance, etc.
Intermittent output power
Continuous rating +25%, taken for max. 2 min. followed by 8 min. rest 
Transient voltage protection Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 24Vdc commercial vehicles
 Electrostatic voltage protection Meets ISO10605, ISO14892, >8kV contact, 15kV discharge
Output noise <50mV pk-pk (100mV on 24V units) at continuous load. Meets CISPR25 and VDE0879-3
Off load (quisient) current <15mA (PowerVerter), <15mA (DD Series exc. 12-24), <100mA (DD Series 12-24 units)
Power conversion efficiency Typically: 90% for non-isolated units, 85% for isolated units
Isolation >400Vrms between input, output and case, on isolated products only
Operating temperature -25°C to +30°C, de rate output current linearly from +30°C to 0A at +80°C
Storage temperature -25°C to +100°C
Operating humidity 100%
Casework Anodised aluminium, glass-filled polycarbonate, dust, water and impact resistance to IP655
Connections 4 wires (1m in length) stripped and tinned for individual connection
Voltage drop in 1m supplied cable 60mV per amp @ 25°C on units with output current < 18A
10mV per amp @ 25°C on units with output current > 18A
Output indicator Green LED adjacent to cable gland
Mounting method Click ‘n’ fit mounting clip, fitted separately using three hole fixture
Safe area protection:  
Over current Limited by current sensing circuit
Over heat Limited by temperature sensing circuit
Transients Protected by filters and rugged component selection
Catastrophic protection Protected by internal input and output fuses

2004/108/EC The general EMC directive
2009/19/EC & Reg 10 The automotive directive
93/68/EEC The CE marking directive

Markings CE and e marked