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The PowerTector Battery Guard is a solid state battery device that will monitor the source voltage and disconnect the equipment from the battery if the voltage falls below a pre-determined level. This can work to ensure that there is always
sufficient voltage remaining in the battery to start a vehicle engine or ensure power is available for other critical applications. The total discharge of a lead acid battery can also cause damage to the cells significantly shortening the life of the battery.
The PowerTector unit can also be set to disconnect equipment at a lower voltage that will still protect the battery from total discharge, while allowing for maximum battery usage. A timed version is also available which will disconnect automatically a set period after the ignition has been switched off.


There are six units in the range from 10A to 200A. The 10A and 20A unit offer a simple inline system, usually wired to a specific piece of equipment. These units do not require chassis mounting and simply connect and tie wrap neatly within the wiring system. The 40A and 60A units are connected by M6 brass bolts, the 100A and 200A by M10 brass bolts and use a three point mounting system to avoid rocking or stress to the electronics when mounted on uneven surfaces. Heat is dissipated into our custom manufactured die cast casing and all units will operate at full power without additional heatsink dissipation.


From 40A upwards, the units have the facility to be manually shutdown either through the ignition or a dedicated
switch. In addition, from 100A upwards the units can have an override switch fittted. This allows the units to be
reactivated for four minutes to allow emergency actions to be performed.


An alarm output is supplied which, once the threshold has been reached for 10 seconds, will activate, sounding an
alarm or other indicating device for a further 50 seconds prior to disconnection. This allows the operator to restart the engine or take other action to maintain continuous power.


In addition to the standard PowerTectors, the PT-T versions offer a timed facility. This will disconnect the output after a set time after the ignition has been turned off. If required, during this time period, the voltage can still be monitored and disconnected if it falls below a set level to protect the battery power and system. The unit will reactivate when the ignition has been turned on again and the battery voltage has reached 8.5Vdc (12V systems), 17Vdc (24V systems).


All units in the range are supplied pre-programmed for a variety of scenarios offering higher or lower disconnect voltages and it is quick and simple to select the correct programme to suit your needs.



Part Number Power Nominal Voltage Dimensions Weight
PT10 10A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing) 155 x 30 x 15mm 45g
PT10-T 10A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Auto Ref) Timed 155 x 30 x 15mm 45g
PT20 20A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing) 155 x 30 x 15mm 45g
PT20-T 20A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Auto Ref) Timed 155 x 30 x 15mm 45g
PT40 40A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing) 76 x 78 x 33mm 155g 
PT40-T 40A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Auto Ref) Timed 76 x 78 x 33mm 155g
PT60 60A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing) 76 x 78 x 33mm 155g
PT60-T 60A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Auto Ref) Timed 76 x 78 x 33mm 155g
PT100 100A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing) 124 x 97 x 51mm 530g
PT100-T 100A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Auto Ref) Timed 124 x 97 x 51mm 530g
PT200 200A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing) 124 x 97 x 51mm 530g
PT200-T 200A continuous 9Vdc-32Vdc (Auto Ref) Timed 124 x 97 x 51mm 530g


Input voltage range 9-32Vdc (Automatic Referencing)
Output voltage Equal to input voltage when operating (maximum of 100mV drop across terminals)
Transient over current rating (% of continuous value) 110% for 10s
200% for 1s
300% for <0.5ms
On over current shutdown there is a retry every 30s
Quiescent current when shutdown (while running) Typ 2mA @ 13.6V, (PT40/60 Typ 4mA @ 13.6V), (PT100/200 Typ 6mA @ 13.6V)
Isolation >400Vrms between input, output and case
Transient voltage protection
Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 24V vehicles
Electrostatic voltage protection Meets ISO10605, ISO14982, >8kV contact, 15kV discharge
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C to meet this specification table
Storage temperature -25°C to +100°C
Ingress protection IP65
Casework Silver anodised aluminium, glass filled polycarbonate
Connections PT10/20 Insulated 6.3mm push-on flat blade connectors
PT40/60 M6 ring tongues
PT100/200 M10 ring tongues
6.3mm push-in flat blade connectors for earth, switch, override and alarm
Programming lead with 2.8mm blade connector provided
Output indicator Green LED for programming and output indication
Mounting method PT10/20 tie wrap to wiring (supplied)
PT40/60/100/200 3off half inch No8 pozi pan head screws (supplied)

Safe area protection:

Over current
Over heat
Catastrophic protection


Limited by current sensing circuit
Limited by temperature sensing circuit
Protected by filters and rugged component selection
Set by external input fuse (set by application demands) and ground line fuse max 1A

Approvals 2004/108/EC The general EMC directive
Regulation 10 The automotive directive
93/68/EEC The CE marking directive
Designed to EN50498, ISO 7637-2
Markings CE and E marked