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4 December 2014

Alfatronix PT40, PT60, PT100, PT200 PowerTector Low Voltage Disconnect products.


We have recently encountered the failure of two PT200 units when installed in applications featuring induction loads such as electric motors used with hydraulic lifts, pumps and refrigeration as well as relays and long cables.


As a precaution, we have withdrawn these product from sale for the time being and have implemented a recall for all affected units.  We are working closely with our customers and distributors for this to be completed as quickly as possible.


This was an unforeseen issue, despite the rigorous testing process which we undertook prior to launch including ‘E' marking and specific testing to ISO7637-2:2004. 


We are currently working on a replacement product, and will contact our customers as soon as this is available.


All products with the following part numbers are being recalled:


PT40, PT40-T, PT60, PT60-T, PT100, PT100-T, PT200, PT200-T

We would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this issue has caused.